How to Wear Biker Rings?

For bikers, riding motorcycles is not just a hobby. This is a lifestyle with adventure spirit and culture. It is not just riding a motorcycle. Everything has its deep meaning and reason, from their accessories to clothes and especially their biker rings. However, for those who are hesitant, should they add a biker ring to their jewelry box, there are still some questions. We have articles talking about why bikers wear rings, tips to choose biker rings, types of biker rings, etc. But how to wear your biker rings? What finger do biker wear rings? We don’t have an article talking about these questions in detail. If you want to get one or are thinking about the same questions, please read on. Today, we will share with you how to wear biker rings and which finger to wear biker rings on.

Serve as a piece of your outfit 

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There are two situations when you wearing biker rings. The first is daily outfit collocation. Another situation is when you are riding motorcycles. Actually, the first situation is more common to us. How can you wear your biker rings to match with your daily outfit and would not influence your work? Although the biker rings are always massive, you can choose the minimalist biker rings. Compared with exquisite biker rings, the minimalist style rings are smaller and can be worn all the time to create a casual look. So, what is minimalist design? The band is slim and smooth. It doesn’t required to make a statement and it can be a daily adornment to you.

Match your skin tone

Biker ring is a symbol of uniqueness and masculinity and it comes in many shapes and sizes. The biker rings for men is an expression of personal individuality. Biker rings typically feature exaggerated patterns and complex designs on it. The design can be anything from skulls, motorcycles or animals. All of these patterns can be depicted on biker rings with fine designs. Silver and steel biker rings are popular with most of the bikers, and you can easily find those biker rings made of sterling silver, brass or stainless steel. And these rings are usually silver and black color. However, it is not limited to these material and colors. You should wear a biker ring which will match your skin tone and brighten your complexion. What’s the important, if your skin is sensitive to metal, the hypoallergenic materials are more suitable for you.

Face inwards or outwards?

Once you have decided to put a biker ring on your finger, you should ask yourself what it means to you personally. According to your answer, wear a finger ring either facing outward or inward. If you want to show your personality by wearing a biker ring first, you need to show it to people. If this is a biker ring with special commemorative significance for yourself, then you don't need to show it to others, just point it at yourself. 

Which finger to wear biker rings on?

When it comes to wearing rings, there are a lot of rules about wearing rings. For example, people believe that less is more. So, there is a rule that it would be better not to wear more than 2-3 rings with both hands, including wedding rings. Massive, eye-catching biker rings can be a little bulky, especially if you are active or work with your hands. Some people also believe that in order to avoid affecting productivity, if you are right-handed, you'd better wear jewelry in your left hand. If you are left-handed, you can wear a ring on your right hand. For men, except for the wedding ring on the ring finger of their left hand, most people will wear the ring on their index, thumb finger or little finger. 

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However, for biker rings, all these rules do not apply. The culture of bikers is by no means conservative, so there are no rules to restrict them. Sometimes you will find bikers wearing rings on their fingers, but they wear rings in different ways. Some people wear three or four rings on one hand, while others choose to wear only one. Some people wear rings on only one hand, while others choose to wear rings on both hands. In addition, wearing stacking rings is also very popular among bikers. You can wear more than one rings on one finger.

When it comes to wearing biker rings, it all depends on your preferences. The significance of biker rings to bikers is to decide the wearing method according to the biker’s own will. This is just in line with the cultural spirit of bikers, who pursue freedom.


Biker ring is an awesome adornment that can serve as a piece of jewelry with personal characteristics. What’s more, the features of biker rings must be eye-catching and massive. Once you have worn biker rings that must attract other people’s curiosity and people will talk to you all around you.

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