5 Types of Biker Rings Every Biker Should Wear

There are many people who like to ride motorcycles, and you will find that their decoration is not simple. Some people say that riding a motorcycle is not just a hobby, it is also a way of showing your personality. Bikers can show off their unique style and charm to others by decorating their motorcycles or decorating themselves. So, what type of jewelry is more suitable for bikers to wear?

For bikers, various metal jewelry will become their first choice. These rings are usually made of stainless steel or 925 silver, and then plated in various colors on their surface, exaggerating and eye-catching. Because metal jewelry is shiny, attractive and durable, they can enjoy the thrill of riding a bike knowing that their fingers are telling a story to the audience. Best of all, wearing a metal ring provides extra protection for your hands and knuckles in the event of an accident.

Skull Jewelry

Skull Collection

Skulls play an important role in biker jewelry. If you look closely, almost every biker will have at least 1 skull jewel. In biker culture, wearing a skull ring shows that you believe in equality and loyalty like any other biker, because the skull represents death, and before death, everyone is equal. And usually skull rings will also match their skull tattoos.

The skeleton is synonymous with death and a symbol of rebirth. This is in line with biker's free, wild and uninhibited spiritual pursuit. Combining skulls with motorcycle parts makes it easy to see that you are a biker. There are five styles of the ring here, and each style is composed of an engine, a wrench and a skull. The skull represents the speed and courage to transcend death. Every locomotive enthusiast cannot lack an engine and a wrench, because this is a must-have for a motorcycle.

Gothic Jewelry

When it comes to skull jewelry, how can we not mention Gothic jewelry? Vintage goth biker jewelry features medieval symbols, mythical animals and gorgeous designs, incorporating dark elements into jewelry designs that are displayed at your fingertips for your unique biker outfits.

Animal Jewelry

The United States, one of the important birthplaces of motorcycles, has a strong motorcycle culture. But there are also "Indian motorcycles" that are American motorcycles earlier than Harleys. It is also an important part of American locomotive culture. In 1901, Indian Motorcycle®, the first motorcycle company in the United States, was established and produced the first Indian motorcycle, which was the first to start the history of motorcycles. Therefore, many biker jewelry will also have Indian culture.

The ancient Indians liked to wear a variety of headgear, covered with feathers, this unique headgear is called eagle feathers. In Indian culture, bird feathers usually represent "trust, glory, strength, wisdom and freedom" and are a symbol of courage, honor, beauty, wealth and status. Different colored feathers have different meanings.

In addition to the eagle, there are many other common animal jewelry, and you can easily know its meaning from its surface. For example, the cheetah symbolizes speed, the tiger, lion and dragon represent strength and might, the bull represents willpower, and the snake represents rebirth. Basically, each animal has a different meaning for bikers, and they will draw on the strength of animals to express their intelligence, tenacity and mystery.

Cross Jewelry

The cross became the most common symbol of biker jewelry, but few people know how the cross came to be associated with motorcyclists. Religious symbols have been used in military decoration since ancient times, and there are many variants of the cross, the most common being the Latin Cross, Budded Cross, Celtic Cross, Fleuree Cross and St. Peter’s Cross.

Veteran soldiers who found themselves in an unfamiliar society after World War II, some on motorcycles, dressed in black leather, began decorating their steel horses with trophy swastikas and iron crosses in protest against the government. Soon, they began to unite in motorcycle clubs, living according to the principles of the old battle lines. You can find crosses in many elements of motorcycle culture, from colors to cross rings, pendants and other jewelry. Today, the Iron Cross has transformed itself into a world of helicopters, of independence and freedom.

Occultisme Jewelry

In addition to the five styles mentioned earlier, I would also classify Occultisme as a style choice. Mystic symbols play an important role in jewelry design. For example, the Celtic knot that most people will love, the symbol of Celtic knot is changeable, it can be a knot or a spiral, but its core - cycle and eternity will not change. Celtic knot rings can be very delicate, and many bikers love its clean style.

Egyptian culture contributed a lot to this collection. Many Egyptian mystical symbols, such as the Eye of Horus, ankh, and Anubis, have amulets and good luck. This is a psychological help for bikers.


Biker jewelry has a unique style. The motorcycle culture and rune implication it contains make jewelry not only a decoration on the hand, but also a spiritual embodiment of biker. So no matter which style of biker jewelry you choose, it will represent your will and style.

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