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Dragons are powerful and magical and they are mythical beasts with both reptilian and serpentine characteristics that appear in many cultures and legends around the world. Each body part of the dragons show different animal characteristics. When it comes to dragon culture, although their external features appear to be similar, there are different meanings between European dragons and Chinese dragons. The difference between the Chinese and European dragons is that while European folklore has described dragons as evil demons, the Chinese cultures regard them as benevolent creatures.

The meanings of European Dragon and Chinese Dragon

European Dragon

The European dragon is usually described as a creature having a puma body with fish scales, and a head somewhat like a horse with horns. They have two huge bat wings and four legs, and usually come in gold, red and green. Nowadays, the westerner’s view of dragons has long been divorced from the evil devil. In this cultural atmosphere, there are an increasing number of fans of dragons.

Chinese Dragon

In Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of power, authority and magic, and plays a role as a talisman. The dragon is a mythical creature in ancient Chinese legends and ranks fifth in the traditional Chinese zodiac. At first glance, the dragon looks like a combination of 10 different animals. The dragon has a snake body, a pair of antlers, a pair of eagle claws, a pig nose, a crocodile mouth, a pair of tiger eyes, an oxtail, lion mane, shrimp whiskers and fish scales. The creatures that can be seen in ancient Chinese folk myths and legends can not find entities in reality, but the components of their image come from reality and play the role of dispelling evil spirits, avoiding disasters and praying for blessings.

Why is dragon jewelry so popular with bikers?

In today’s society, the image of the dragon is very popular with bikers. Bikers prefer biker rings, such as skull rings and animal rings. Bikers are always tend to eye-catching and powerful things, and the image of the dragon just represents strength and uniqueness. Dragon is not only a mysterious creature, but also cool enough. The uniqueness of the dragon makes it popular with bikers. Dragon jewelry is a way to go If you're a biker club member and would like to show your individuality.

The dragons can be depicted on bracelets, pendants, necklaces, dragon earringsdragon rings and other accessories. The designers combine dragon elements with jewelry and then create a wide range of dragon jewelry. In general, most of the dragon Jewelries look cool and unique and created  with exquisite details. 

Where to buy dragon jewelry?

Fans of dragons always believe the magic and good fortune of dragons. Wearing dragon jewelry can help them to elevate their mystery. Whether you are a fan of dragons or not, dragon jewelry is an ornament to attract people’s attention. If you want to select a dragon jewelry gift for yourself or your friends but you have no idea which one to buy, that you can browse our collection of dragon jewelry.

We provide a lot of dragon jewelry for everyone. The awesome creation of dragon jewelry with different images and styles will ease your choice. Different dragon images of jewelry represent a special personality and anyone who wears them has created their personalized style. There are dragon pendants, necklaces, bracelets and rings which can fit for different people. Shine yourself by wearing our dragon jewelry.

Dragon Jewelry of different styles

Different styles of dragon jewelries are designed to meet the different preferences of people.

Gothic dragon

The image of Gothic jewelry is more related to European dragons. The Gothic dragon usually comes in the color of black. It is easy to enhance your Gothic features by wearing the design of Gothic dragon jewelry.

Chinese dragon

The overall shape of this ring is a classic Chinese dragon image. The flying dragon hovers on the ring, which is very vivid.

Norse Dragon

This Norse dragon necklace is Viking style. Vikings considered dragons as powerful creatures. The Norse dragon is still a very popular symbol with those who are Viking fans.

Dragon jewelry of different body parts

Dragon is a combination of many kinds of creatures, so when the designers design jewelry, on the one hand, they will use the overall shape of the dragon, and on the other hand, they will choose one of the body parts of the dragon to design.

Dragon head

Dragon Claw

Dragon scale

Dragon eye

Dragon bones


Whether you are a biker club member or a dragon culture fan, it is a wise choice to buy dragon jewelry to enhance your charm.

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