8 Awesome Snake Rings from Gthic

The snake ring is one of the popular fashion styles in the jewelry industry now. It can be dated back centuries.

Although the popularity of snake rings was because of Victoria’s favor of snake rings that made it became a fashion statement for women, it is not only for women. There are plenty of people looking for men’s snake rings and we found that many jewelry stores offer snake rings for men on the jewelry market. 

8 awesome snake rings from Gthic - Gthic.com -BlogWith the development of fashion trends and the updating of people's fashion concepts, people learn more about snake rings. More people understand the meaning and history of the snake ring. Rather than just representing danger, the meaning of the snake ring is more varied than you think. Therefore, most men would like to wear snake rings to make a statement.

Today, we will share with you 8 awesome men’s snake rings from Gthic, which can range from different materials to different shapes. These 8 snake rings will be divided into two parts, the first one is silver snake rings and the second one is stainless steel.

Silver snake rings for men

1.Silver Snake Sterling Silver CZ Ring

Looking for a more unisex serpent ring, lighter and more gentle? This snake ring has Cubic zirconia inlaid on the snake's head, looking shining.

In addition, the coiled snake pattern makes this ring more accurately represent the body of a real snake. The ring has different sizes and is adjusted, it can be adjusted according to your fingers.

2.The Three Headed Serpent Sterling Silver Snake Ring

This three-headed serpent ring is perfect for people who want to look like a badass but don't want to be too flashy.

It looks like three real snakes coiled with each other, and every snakehead has a pair of small eyes and teeth. The sharp teeth are the typical symbol of a snake. The is a sterling silver ring and also comes in various sizes.

3.Gothic Stone Set Sterling Silver Snake Ring

If you want to find a more Gothic-style snake ring decorated with colored zircon, this one is for you. Gthic made this bold, rough ring with scales on a snake. Not to mention, the shape of this snake ring looks like two serpents competing for the green stone in the middle of the ring, giving off an intimidating vibe. This ring is what you need to create a Gothic style, and also for a more “hardcore” look.

4.Devils Eye Sterling Silver Snake Ring

This Sterling Silver snake ring is a tightly ring set with gemstones. It is fashionable and has many curved dimensions. This feature gives this ring a different appearance and atmosphere.

Compared with other snake bands, this ring is very unique. In addition, this ring is made of 925 silver. It is durable and comes in many sizes and several different colors. The ring size is range from 5 to 15, and it comes in yellow, blue, brown, and gold.

Men’s Stainless Steel snake rings

5.Minimalist Snake Design Stainless Steel Animal Ring

Minimalist Snake Design Stainless Steel Animal Ring

If you have got a love of minimalist style, this ring will meet your need. This snake ring looks like a skinny snake but is vivid, which is more suitable for those who pursue minimalism and low-key.

Last but not least, this ring is made of stainless steel, and ranges from size 5 to size 10. Since this is a "twist" style, you can easily tighten or stretch the ring according to the size of your finger.

6.Fighting Snake Stainless Steel Ring

This manly snake ring is full of toughness. From afar, it may look like a hollow ring. However, from a close look, these are two snakes entangled in a fight. It looks very vivid. Although other rings are smoother and more basic, this one is more "interesting" - if you are a funny person, that may be your style.

In addition, it is made of stainless steel, and the ring size range from 7 to 13. Since the ring is a hollow and circular style, it is unadjusted.

7.Ouroboros stainless Steel Mythology Ring

This ouroboros ring is a snake eating its tail and forming a circle. Its body is full of stainless steel snakeskin texture. It has red stones for eyes on the snake head.

This is a non-adjustable ring but varies in size, so don’t need to worry about can’t find the size for you.

 8.Deadly Cobra Stainless Steel Ring

Want a ring with a cobra? Gthic created this avant-grade snake ring with stainless steel. 

It’s a nice piece and an eye-catcher, that’s for sure. But it’s not always suitable for everyone. As there are so many different styles of snake rings, you can select the one you love.

Final Words

All of these 8 awesome snake rings are made of high-quality materials, It will make your choice easier. Snake rings can show men’s fashion attitudes and tastes. Rather than a simple decoration, it makes a fashion statement. What’s important is that all these snake rings will be loved by people with different tastes.

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