What is the Meaning behind a snake ring?

The snake ring has a long history and has been popular in the jewelry industry for thousands of years. Those who know something about jewelry have heard of it. In general, the posture of snakes has both the masculinity of men and the softness of women, which makes it popular with both men and women.

The snake ring is a combination of traditional elements and modern fashion elements through the deep understanding and sublimation of the snake culture. It is also the aesthetic view of snakes of various ethnic groups. The snake rings usually feature the gems on the snake’s body, creating the illusion of snake movement when the light catches them, while others are made of metals with gems decorating the snake’s eyes.

Why are snake rings popular?

The popularity of the snake ring is mainly due to the admiration of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. The snake jewelry can almost be said to be the amulet that she has worn all her life. Prince Albert chose a snake ring decorated with Queen Victoria’s birthstone – it’s believed she was buried wearing her snake engagement ring.

what is the meaning behind a snake ring? - Gthic.com - Blog

Another reason that the snake ring has been popular in the Victorian is the shift in post-industrial revolution manufacturing processes. The industrial revolution saw jewelry made by machines, as opposed to hand-crafted. This meant jewelry came cheaper, making it more accessible to the wider population.

The history of snake rings

Entwined Snake Stainless Steel Ring

1. Ancient Egypt

    When ancient Egypt first started to make jewelry, the snake totem with beautiful meaning became a source of inspiration and was used in jewelry works by people. At that time, people's understanding of gems was relatively few, so most snake jewelry is made of plain gold.

    2. Victorian

      what is the meaning behind a snake ring? - Gthic.com - BlogThe road to the popularity of the snake was not all smooth sailing. In the Middle Ages, the snake was regarded as a symbol of the devil. In the Bible, the snake played a negative role. Eve was instigated by the snake to steal the forbidden fruit. People's attitudes and emotions towards snakes have become more disgust and hatred, and snake-inspired jewelry has almost disappeared. The popularity of snake-shaped jewelry is mainly due to the admiration of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

      3. Art Nouveau

        In the Art Nouveau period at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, due to the popularity of enamel craftsmanship, snake jewelry had new characteristics. The enamel-filled snake-shaped jewelry is closer to nature in shape.

        4. Modern Fashion

          Before the 1930s, all snake-shaped jewelry was relatively monotonous. Although they had a static beauty, they could not fully express the charm of snakes. Snake ring designs are now very bold and creative, with smart shapes.

          The meaning of snake rings

          Snake meaning is complicated. The very creative and individual snake ring includes various meanings. When meeting the needs of the majority of people, it also unexpectedly displays the positive symbolic meaning of the snake. Since the snake ring presents an image as a circle, it also incorporates a layer of meanings related to the circle. The circle has been a significant symbol representing wholeness, and rings have symbolized eternal love for centuries.

          Ouroboros Snake Stainless Steel Ring

          In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, snakes were regarded for their skin-slipping as a symbol of rebirth. A popular image of snake rings or jewelry is Ouroboros. These designs feature the snake swallowing its tail, creating a  circle. In ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, Ouroboros, ouro means to eat, boros means tail, Ouroboros means to constantly devour oneself and constantly regenerate from oneself, symbolizing regeneration, circulation and eternal life. Other styles of snake rings include double -headed serpent rings and writhing snake rings.

          In Greek tradition, snake rings were worn in honor of the Asclepius, the ancient Greek god of medicine, who Zeus struck down as he stressed Asclepius would transfigure all of humanity into immortals. The snake is still the symbol of medical treatment in today’s society. 

          In ancient Egypt, the snake was an animal representing kingship. The crown of the head of all the images of the pharaohs seen is very special, which is a kind of decoration similar to the flat neck erected when the cobra is in an attack state. Pharaoh's staff always has a snake entangled in it, because in Egypt, the snake symbolizes Solomon's wisdom, and the cobra god is the protector of the ancient Egyptian monarchs.

          Snake rings also appear as symbolically significant artifacts in many religions, including Christianity and Hinduism, as well as societies in the Aztec, Norse, and Chinese civilizations.


          Although rings are the most common and popular type of snake jewelry, other types of jewelry are also affected by snakes.

          Historically, snake jewelry was a kind of snake-themed jewelry, which includes rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. It is very individual. It is a combination of traditional elements and modern fashion elements by designers through a deep understanding and sublimation of snake culture. Aesthetically, the snake jewelry that meets the visual effect of the majority of consumers is designed, so that the snake presents a diversified development.

          Whether you choose a snake ring for its symbolic meaning or other reasons, the meaning behind the snake ring is important. The snake ring is an accessory containing historical information. When you wear the snake ring, you can always recall the history of snake rings.

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