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Have you thought about what jewelry to give your significant other on Valentine's Day? If you don't have an idea yet, don't be worry, Valentine's Day is not here yet, you might as well take a look at my recommendation, maybe it will bring you some interesting ideas.

Top 10. Wolfs Love - Loyalty and Guardianship

In the animal world, when it comes to loyalty, people definitely think of wolves and lions. Generally, a pack of wolves will consist of a male wolf, a female wolf, and their children, and repeat over and over again. This is very similar to the human family (father, mother, children). This makes wolves one of the most loyal animals, not only to their mates, but also to their pack and family.

Top 9. Eagle's Freedom - The Secret Recipe for Love

When it comes to eagles, you might think that it is one of the fastest birds. However, in addition to their excellent hunting skills, the eagle is a loyal animal and one of the most loyal birds. When vultures find their mate, they will live with their mate forever. They live alone when migrating, but return to the same mate when mating season arrives. Maybe this is the secret to a long-lasting relationship, occasionally walking away, and never forgetting a romantic get together.

Even so, there are some cases where eagles are found to seek out another partner. Similar to polygamy in geese, where the mate dies or has no offspring. Beyond that, they usually find themselves living with the same partner forever, which is what loyalty really means.

Top 8. Roses - Classic Romance

In ancient Greek mythology, the rose is a combination of love and beauty, not only the incarnation of the god of beauty, but also the blood of the god of love. Worldwide, roses are the universal language used to express love. Every Valentine's Day, roses double in value and are one of the most popular gifts for lovers and couples.

Top 7. Razor - Charm of Men

On Valentine's Day, if you have no idea what kind of ring to give to your boyfriend, then this ring can be considered. A razor is an essential item for men, and send a razor ring to your boyfriend is to hope that he can become a mature and clean man. It is a gift and a sign of intimacy.

Top 6. Ankh-Cross of Love

The Ankh is known as the key to life or the cross of life and is probably the most famous of the ancient Egyptian symbols. It looks like a Christian cross forming a loop at the top, and it usually represents life and immortality. However, it is less well known that the Ankh also symbolizes fertility, and some scholars believe it represents the female genitalia. Another interpretation is that it also symbolizes the union of Isis and Osiris after her resurrection from the dead. However, this is not a common association.

Top 5. Rubies & Sapphires - A Test of Love

The "love stone", symbolizing devotion and fidelity, the ruby represents high quality and fiery love. The ruby symbolizes sunlight, freedom and strength, and when worn near the heart, it enhances energy and gives rise to beautiful love. The sapphire, which has the same root as the ruby, is also a symbol of love.

It is said that in ancient times, sapphires were used as a test of a lover's fidelity, and would change color if the wearer was unfaithful.

Top 4. Claddagh Ring-Ancient Magic of Love

The Claddagh ring, the traditional Irish wedding ring, is the oldest love wedding ring in the West. The ingenious design of the Claddagh ring reflects the Irish people's belief in love. Now no longer a product unique to Ireland, it has become a classic element of showing love that has spread throughout the world. The hands represent friendship and non-separation; the new represents love; and the crown represents fidelity to love.

The wearing of the Claddagh Heart is also exquisite. If the Claddagh ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand with the heart facing out, it generally means that the person wearing the ring is engaged; if it is worn on the ring finger of the left hand with the heart facing inward, it is married; if you are still looking for your lover, follow Traditionally, the ring should be worn on the left hand with the crown (tip of the heart) facing outward; if one is not in love, the ring should be worn on the right hand with the crown (tip of the heart) facing out. If the ring is worn on the right hand with the crown (the apex of the heart) facing out, the person wearing the ring is single and looking for a lover.

Top 3. Eternal Skull-Till Death Do Us Part

No flowers, no decorations, just two connected skeletons, isn't this the best kind of love? Two people who love each other don't pay much attention to each other's appearance. There are too many good faces in the world, while too few interesting souls. Abandoning the physical body, the love that has the collision of the soul will be vigorous and long-lasting. A love that lasts until the end, like the protagonists of Pompeii, will be together at the end of life.

Top 2. Embrace Your Lover - The Symphony of Life

Love once begun, will never end. Couples who are in love can't help touching each other. We want Plato's love, and also want real lovers in real life. It’s normal to have sex between couples. This ring is very commemorative, commemorating the first meeting of life.

Top 1. Morse Code - Hidden Romance

If the above ring is about a fiery love, then this one can be said to be a romantic secret love.

Hide love in a bracelet and wait for you to find the answer. An ingenious gift that makes life a little fun will make the relationship between two people last longer. This is the code of the bracelet and the code of love.

So here, do you have any inspiration? If not, you can view our shop, and there, you will find more jewelry which you may satisfied with. This Valentine's Day, give something different.

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