How to Wear Biker Rings With Casual Outfits?

There is no doubt that a biker ring looks badass, especially when it is rocking on your finger. However, it will only be more impressive if you match the ring with your outfit perfectly. Therefore, you need to know how to wear a biker ring, how to match it with a casual outfit, and what your best style is.

Matching and selection of colors

Perhaps you've seen this fashion rule: gold and silver should not be worn together, but preferably separately. So, among a bunch of bikers, silver rings are the most common, while few choose gold. Is it true that gold biker rings don't fit? Apparently not.

In fact, if you choose a biker ring that goes well with what you're wearing, then either color is the best choice. For example, gold jewelry can blend with any of the colors red, white or black. Combined with the red collection, it creates a warm atmosphere and is a popular choice for young. It is the first choice of optimistic women. Combined with black series to form a mysterious, noble style, extremely suitable for some maverick bikers. Combined with the white collection, it has a simple and stylish look. If you like gold biker rings, there is no stopping you from wearing them. Matching your own personality is a blend between the innovation of biker fashion and established tradition.

Choose the right number of rings

To be a biker is to be different from the ordinary people and to have your own style. You can see bikers in movies and TV or real life celebrities wearing rings all over their hands to make themselves look cool. Nevertheless, everyone has their own position and identity in real life. In fact, not everyone can be a full time biker without any worries. So, wearing too many rings in your daily life can lead to inconvenience and be perplexing. However, that's not to say you can't wear anything but a wedding ring. Wearing 2-3 rings on both hands looks harmonious and stylish.

When it comes to whether to wear your ring on your left or right hand, it's really quite simple and just depends on your personal habits. Most people, whose dominant hand is the right one, consider the right hand for work and the left hand for accessories. For left-handed people, it's all the opposite, as long as they are comfortable. Another reason why it is recommended not to wear the ring in the dominant hand is that it will have a higher probability of breakage. By the way, in case of an accidental fight, a ring on the dominant hand can cause more serious injuries to the other person. Therefore, when choosing a biker ring, please focus on a less active hand.

How to wear biker rings with casual outfits

When talking about classic biker attire, I think every biker has a leather jacket, a pair of leather pants and a sturdy pair of lace-ups in his or her closet. Their primary mission is to serve as protection, followed by badass attire and a means of self-expression. If you choose this most classic of outfits, the choice of rings should lean towards the large size and exaggerated styling category. Leather jackets and boots give a sense of untamed, uniqueness, and only with a large, exaggerated biker ring can your hands be styled to blend with the outfit.

Of course, when you are not involved in riding activities with your partner and return to your daily life, choosing a leather jacket and large size rings will inevitably make people look at you more, and it is not always convenient to work. So, you can choose a simple T-shirt with some simple accessories. It would be best if you can do that the pattern of the t-shirt echoes the biker ring. For example, when you choose a T-shirt with a skull printed on it, you can choose a band ring that surrounds the skull.


A biker ring is a way of self-expression that defines your own style and can be a link between different elements of your outfit, so wear it facing the crowd and express yourself and your style to the fullest.

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