What kinds of ring are biker rings

The biker has a special fashion sense that many people admire. It consists mainly of leather clothing and metal accessories, with metal biker rings at its core. The main thrust of their style is to appear fearless and come-hither. They wanted to instill fear in onlookers and express their love for the machine. Large, delicate biker rings help to show this appeal, which is why they are necessary to complete the biker look. A biker ring is a form of expression that represents the bikers' personality, worldview and beliefs.

Metal Ring

These rings are made of metal as a whole, but you won't find them singularly boring. Traditionally, metal rings are mostly gold and silver rings, but these rings are prone to wear and even break. This would be a bit expensive for bikers, so we offer another possibility - stainless steel rings. Stainless steel jewelry does not lose its luster and oxidation and is more durable than other jewelry. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear. And it is amazingly hypoallergenic and suitable for anyone to wear. Designers incorporate their unique ideas to add some fancy embossing or change the shape of the ring on stainless steel rings. They may feature engraving, carving, diamond edges, matting, oxidation, etc.

Symbol Ring

Adding symbols is one way to make a ring interesting. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, symbols make biker rings symbolic. Celtic knot biker rings, for example, are simple and circular knots that occupy the ring's surface, and they are filled with deep meanings that arise from ancient Celtic legends that are far older than cycling itself. Sometimes the Celtic knot is then paired with some animal, such as a dragon, wolf, or raven, so that the new motif formed symbolizes strength and eternity.

There are symbols that have multiple possibilities, such as the cross. The Iron Cross medal is the highest military medal of the army. Now, with the changes in society, the iron cross has lost its original meaning and it has become so common that it has become a biker everyday accessory. The ordinary cross has some religious significance, and the lettering will be a ready reminder of one's faith and religion.

Of course, there are many other symbols, such as the previously introduced Occultisme symbols and Viking symbols, such as Thor's Hammer (Mjölnir), Yggdrasil, Valknut, and The Helm Of Awe, etc. have a certain symbolic meaning, in the biker riding journey to play some spiritual help.

Motorcycle Parts Ring

Biker is familiar with various parts of motorcycles, including V-twin engines, gears, pistons, tires, exhaust pipes and so on. The designer made the motorcycle parts into a ring to strengthen the connection between bikers and motorcycles, and also to express bikers' love and bragging rights for motorcycles.

Skull Ring

Those who have some knowledge of biker know that the skull is a symbol of fighting alongside the biker. The biker club is said to have originated from former pilots of the Hells Angels squadron. It is said that the more famous biker symbol (the skull with wings) is the symbol of the veteran's unit. Nowadays, receiving influence from Mexican culture, skulls are all over biker gear - jewelry, jacket patches, helmets, motorcycle stickers, etc. Skull rings are also varied.

Poker Ring

Just like a gambler who gets his favorite card, you buy a lottery ticket and win the jackpot, that adrenaline rush brings the thrill that bikers want. They are free on the road, galloping at will, finding passion in the fast beating heartbeat. There are always stops and rests along the way, and bikers don't mind gambling at all because there is no risk. This is a poker-themed ring, wear it to give you good vibrations when playing cards.

Engagement or Wedding Rings

In fact, biker rings are not very common as wedding rings, but imagine if a couple met because of motorcycles, then a biker ring as an engagement or wedding ring would have a different meaning for them. Such as this ring described is very suitable for couples. The sun resonates with male energy in most cultures. It symbolizes reasoning, justice, and will as well as energy, heat, and passion. The Moon, on the other hand, is a feminine symbol, universally representing the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. The moon is also connected with magic and fantasy. Similar to the moon, the stars can invoke the mystery or mysterious hope of the human experience, in the midst of darkness.

Stone Setting Ring

You don't often see bikers wearing gold rings, but you do see them wearing rings set with stones. This ring has a round rectangular black stone in the center, which has been uniquely faceted for a very simple and stylish design. On either side is the Lucifer symbol, a symbol considered to be a symbol of Satan.

Army Rings

As the founders of biker movement, military veterans apply the trophies taken from the battlefield to their closets. Returning from the battlefield to society, they are uncomfortable with their surroundings and frustrated with the government. To many, bikers are an undisciplined, free-spirited bunch, but only they know that they follow their own rules. They freely wear their military rings and pay tribute to their former comrades, now fellow soldiers.


Biker rings come in many varieties, and on hot summer days, it's time to equip your biker rings and show off your new jewelry by riding freely on the road.

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