Is dragon jewelry a trend? where to buy dragon jewelry?

The dragon is a creature of myth and legend, and every country has a different image of a dragon. In Chinese legend, the dragon has a head like a bull's head, horns like deer horns, eyes like a shrimp's eyes, ears like an elephant's ears, a neck like a snake's neck, scales on its body like those of a fish, claws like an eagle's claws, and a beard like a goat's beard. The western dragon, on the other hand, is usually described as having a body similar to a cougar, two huge bat wings or feathers, four legs, and a head somewhat like that of a horse, and having horns as well as scales. The colours most often mentioned in stories are green, red or gold. It has a long, sinuous tail with spines and possibly barbs at the end. Each leg ends in huge claws, similar to those of carnivorous birds. The dragon has several rows of sharp teeth and often has dorsal spines.

Nowadays, people are increasingly curious about the unknown and are therefore constantly exploring it. These myths and legends are particularly fascinating because of their secret nature. These mythical creatures, including dragons, are constantly being used in art, including dragon rings, dragon necklace and dragon bracelets, and are very popular with the public. So what is it about dragon jewelry that makes it so popular?

A symbol of good luck

The dragon is remembered as a symbol of good luck. In Chinese culture in particular, the dragon is the creature of the highest status, and in ancient times the emperor was known as the son of the dragon and was able to wear clothes embroidered with dragons, something that ordinary people were not allowed toJan R. Davil do.

There are nine types of dragon, such as the wind, fire, water, earth and sky dragons, each with a different symbolic meaning. But they have the same symbolism of longevity and majesty.

Dragon symbolism & spiritual meaning

There are many different kinds of dragons, but we don't usually know them and call them dragons in general. Different kinds of dragons have different spiritual meanings.

The spiritual meaning of the water dragon

If you want to choose a water dragon jewelry, it is probably because you want to reconcile with your past self. The water dragon represents the past, passion and depth. He will remind you of your earliest beginnings and memories, giving you the opportunity to look back. It may give you the courage and compassion to deal successfully with challenges.

The spiritual meaning of the Fire Dragon

The Fire Dragon jewelry can give you enthusiasm, courage and vitality. It is a powerful protector and will provide you with leadership and control. It will help you to deal with and overcome obstacles. It will help you by giving you greater strength when you achieve your goals.

The spiritual meaning of the Earth Dragon

The Earth Dragon jewelry has symbolic meaning of power, potential and wealth. It enables you to discover your potential and ability to get the most out of yourself.

Dragon in Celtic mythology

In Celtic mythology, the dragon is a symbol of power. It is a creature capable of standing alongside the gods and has great power to protect the earth. They are a symbol of strength, wisdom and leadership. The symbol of the dragon can be seen in the Celtic region to this day.

The greatest obstacles that Celtic heroes encountered in battle were essentially dragons, although not all dragons were evil in Celtic eyes. Celtic warriors would use dragons as emblems on their armour to warrior power and strength.


Different people wear dragon jewelry with different meanings. If a woman wears a dragon jewelry, it means that she wants to be independent, even already is, and wants to create her own life. Beneath the gentle nature of a woman lies a strong spirit and great strength.

On the other hand, if a man wears a dragon jewelry, first of all it symbolises the wisdom of the wearer.

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