Wicked and Beautiful Skull Jewelry

A skeleton, generally refers to a full skeleton or skull without flesh or hair. Since a skeleton is what remains after a person's flesh has decayed after death, people usually associate skeletons with death, either in awe, fear, or worship, but some believe that death is a new beginning. Why do you say this way? During the period of time when a person dies, the body, hair, etc. will disappear and rot with time, leaving only a complete skeleton. When people see the skull (skeleton), they will think of the dead person. Therefore, from another perspective, Skull is the only thought left to the world in the face of death and time, so the skull symbolizes new life and eternity. Designers are always full of fantasies and enthusiasm for mysterious and eternal things, and the unique mysterious atmosphere of skulls also makes people in the jewelry industry have a soft spot for skulls. Luckily, Gthic has launched a Skull Month themed event, you can find exquisite stainless steel skull products and enjoy discounts at the same time, which is great!

Skull Rings

The rise of the skull ring can be traced back to the Elizabethan era in Europe. Wearing a skull ring represents accepting the darkness of this society. They express respect for life and courage in the face of danger through the skull. In that era, you can see social nobles and religious groups wearing skull rings. These people represent the vane of fashion trends. Since then, with the development of the times, people have more and more views on skulls. As a fashion item, skulls have been active in jewelry for a long time. More and more skull shapes have been meticulously crafted by designers, and finally present various skull rings with different meanings and styles. The most common skull ring is a gold-encrusted skull ring with a complete skull and neatly arranged teeth. There are various shapes and styles for you to choose from.

So what does the skull ring on your finger mean?

You can often see some rock bands or movie stars wearing skull rings, which symbolize freedom and unrestraint, and use skull rings to express the yearning for freedom and the meaning of life that is fearless in the face of death.

Gthic combines the mystery of the skull with the gorgeous and dazzling characteristics of gemstones, so that the sense of fear brought by the skull is completely covered up. At the same time, some bold and avant-garde designs are added to make Gthic's skull ring bright, bold, subversive and free.

Skull Necklaces

The skull shape is not only common in jewelry rings, it is also often applied to necklaces. The use of skulls as decorations should have existed since ancient times. In ancient India, people used to wear skulls made of brass on their chests to indicate the number of enemy heads they captured and to show their bravery.

Today, the skull is a popular fashion element, and people put more thought into the design of the skull necklace. Exaggerated facial features, gloomy style, rich color contrast and strange shapes all create a strong visual impact for the skull necklace, making the skull necklace a landscape around people's necks, which makes people unforgettable at a glance.

Skull Bracelets

Can you guess what it is? That's right, it's a gothic skull bracelet. When it comes to bracelets, everyone will definitely think of beautiful, pleasant feelings, but skull bracelets are definitely different from ordinary bracelets, with its bold, hunting design, plus some horror elements, making skull bracelets the resident guests of Halloween carnival night or cosplay party. Of course, the skull bracelet launched by Gthic this time not only has a Gothic dark style, but also a punk style, retro style, etc. The various brain-hole designs of the designers are guaranteed to surprise you.

Skull Earrings

From socialites to punk girls, skull designs are naturally missing from the earrings. This time, Gthic launched a variety of skull earrings in different styles. Abstract skulls with delicate roses weaken the horror of skulls, but add some gothic mystery and romance. In addition, there are also Halloween moveable dancing skull earrings, playful and cute. Skull earrings with wings inserted, free and unfettered. Vintage crown skull earrings, mysterious authority, etc. These designs are not only trendy and fashionable, but also all kinds of earrings can meet different scenes with.

Skull Clothing


Skulls are not only used in jewellery, but also in clothing. Skull clothing is also favored by many trendy young people. The real use of skulls as decorations in modern times began with Alexander McQueen, a British fashion wizard, who printed a scarf with skulls. As a result, the trend of skulls became more and more fierce, and was favored by many big-name designers. The artistic expression of skeletons on clothes is more diversified. Whether it is a top T-shirt, a spring and autumn jacket, or jeans, etc., it can be matched with skull prints, and the shapes are diverse. The artistic expression is exaggerated and straightforward, which brings a strong visual impact ,impressive.

Other Skull Accessories


Skulls are widely used, besides clothes and jewelry, skull designs can also be used in square pounds, beard beads, cuffs, masks, tie clips, etc. People who like skull elements must be no stranger to these skull accessories. The wide use of skull design also shows that people are more open-minded and have a more diversified understanding of skulls. The meaning given to it has risen from flirtation and entertainment to thinking about freedom and the value of life, which also proves that the skull design is a very rich trend element, and Gthic's Skull Month theme campaign is also aimed at the skull element to create more design inspiration and popular style.

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