What are Viking Runes and what do they mean?

The Runes, also known as the Runic alphabet, are a group of extinct letters used to form the Runic language and to write some of the languages of the Nordic Germanic languages in medieval Europe, particularly in Scandinavia and the British Isles.

The rune script used in Scandinavia, known as Futhark, and that used in the British Isles, known as Futhorc, have a strong religious flavor. In Germanic mythology, Odin, the father of the gods, hung himself from a tree for nine days and nights to contemplate the mysteries of the universe in his quest for greater wisdom. When he came down from the world tree, he comprehended the secret of the Viking rune. This is why the Germanic people believe that the runes were created by Odin.

There are 24 letters of the runes, each said to have magical powers that, when combined, can produce miracles, and are said to be the precursors of magicians' spells. Most of these texts are carved on stone monuments, and instruments (such as horns), and are either memorials, words of love, or words of praise to the gods, as well as some undeciphered written narratives that scholars believe to be the various spells used by witches.

Rune stones are full of powerful and magical history and are therefore highly revered and used with extreme care. In Norse and other Nordic cultures, they were believed to have powerful divinatory powers and were therefore highly valued.

Why are Viking runes important and What are Norse runes used for? Let's explore together.

It is an ancient Norse alphabet that can be used not only as a script but also for divination by inscribing these words on animal skins, pieces of wood, stones, crystals, metals, or stones that represent the symbols belonging to them. The runes carry the destiny of all things within the universe. Each runic letter contains a special power and magic. The Rurani script was the common alphabet used by the Vikings. However, they were not used much for communication purposes, but most of the time they were used to call on the gods for help. Runes were the main communication system in the Viking Age. This type of alphabet was the link between the Vikings and the Norse pantheon, as it was thought to facilitate communication between tangible and intangible forces.

Each Viking rune has a different meaning, so let's find out what they are all about.

  1. ᚠ Fehu-"wealth, cattle"

The letter F, representing material pursuits, is a Rune with a sense of fulfillment.

The meaning of this rune for the Norse is wealth and income. Sometimes this wealth has to be earned through hard work, but eventually, the desired source of income will be obtained.

  1. ᚢ Uruz-"aurochs"

The English letter V, U, stands for change. It is the Viking rune representing the bison.

It is seen as a sign of health, strength, and natural resistance. It can also mean "true will", which is your true desire. Uruz rules change, usually a sudden and unexpected change that forces you to use your sincere and raw strength to discover the depths of your being, and Uruz can provide this strength.

  1. ᚦ Thurisaz - "the godThor,giant"

The letters TH, which stand for protection and luck, literally mean "annoying thorn" and also symbolize the "hammer of Thor".

This super-powerful golden hammer protects mankind and the gods. It has many linked symbols, all of which are about protection and luck.

  1. ᚨ Ansuz - "one of theÆsir"

The letter A, which stands for the mouth, usually means 'to speak out', 'to receive advice', or 'to gain wisdom'.

It can also mean 'test'. It suggests facing what is before you with a confident and eloquent spirit and moving forward with courage. Look out for older, wiser people. It requires thoughtfulness and often advice. And advice comes from parents or elders and will receive cosmic and sexual wisdom from them.

  1. ᚱ Raido - “ride”

The letter R is defined by the Norse as "carriage". It refers primarily to travel or movement.

Sometimes the journey may also have an allusive abstract meaning, such as a journey of knowledge to explore the heart. If this meaning is what you are facing, you should start your journey from within.

  1. ᚲ Kenaz - "torch"

The letters K, Q, and X, which symbolize the element "fire", is a friendly, warm, tame flame, like the light of a fire in a fireplace.

Kenaz stands for "power", "energy" and "ability". Like Uruz, it symbolizes vitality, health and the divine power of restoration.

  1. ᚷ Gebo - "gift"

The letter G, which means "gift". It symbolizes a lucky ending. It usually represents a 'partnership' of some kind. It may be a business partnership or a loving partnership.

  1. ᚹ Wunjo - "joy"

The letter W, V, means 'joy'. It always means that joy and happiness are coming.

Especially when it falls in the result position, it tells you that no matter what difficulties you are experiencing now, there will be a happy ending in the end.

  1. ᚺ ᚻ Hagalaz - "hail"

The letter H, which means "hail", mainly symbolizes "restriction" and "delay", a natural disintegration.

There are good and bad aspects to this disintegration, but as the forces at play in your life at this time are not personal, this Viking rune usually has a negative connotation. Hagaraz usually comes at a time when you are considering taking a risk. It is telling you that the future destiny of the moment is in the hands of another person.

  1. ᚾ Nautiz - "need"

The letter N means "bondage", and Nautiz means patience and perseverance.

  1. ᛁ Isa - "ice"

The letter I, which stands for "ice", "stop motion".

It is also a state of freezing. It also means "a gradual cooling in relationships". In relationships, the most common is a breach of loyalty by the other person. But sometimes the unfaithful person may be the diviner himself, and the presence of Isha in the viking rune's spell represents a strong negative meaning, possibly suggesting that the state of your relationship has become too bad to manage.

  1. ᛃ Jera - "harvest"

The letter J, Y, which means harvest, symbolizes "the return of hard work to a good harvest".

It is a kind of karmic cycle of nature. It is also the Viking rune of 'justice' and 'law and order'. You only reap what you sow, so Jera alludes to the fact that you have to wait until the right time to get a good result.

  1. ᛇ Eiwaz - "yew-tree"

The letter EI, symbolises the 'purple wood', a tree that was more important to the ancient Norse than even the oak.

It is also the world tree of Norse mythology, linking the nine worlds of humans and elves. It signifies that one has set oneself a reasonable goal and is capable enough to achieve it. There may be some minor obstacles in the way, but it is in your best interest not to be too aggressive and to wait for a time when you are more in control of the outcome before moving on, or even delaying your progress.

  1. ᛈ Perdo - "destiny"

This is the gambler's rune and therefore represents the cup of the dice or the course. It shows that influence in life can depend on chance, so things can go well or badly. The lesson is to learn how to accept the cards you are dealt and to make lemonade out of lemons. In the Tarot, this is similar to a wheel of fortune. It can also represent hidden meanings, secrets, and changes. Conversely, it can mean stagnation and loss of faith.

  1. ᛉ Algiz - "elk"

The letter Z, literally, elk, protects.

It symbolizes a "lucky new influence" that will appear in your life through subconscious or intuitive instincts. The influence of Algisluane may be a new career opportunity or a new learning process.

  1. ᛊ Sowilo - "Sun"

English letter S, it means sun, outward journey.

This letter means the power of the sun, SOWILO, and TIWAZ, both equally great Viking runes symbolizing 'victory', and when it appears in a formation, it usually guarantees you will succeed. It also indicates that it is the right time to act as a leader. It is a 'divine' Viking rune that will give you much power to improve your life for the better. And any kind of resistance you encounter will be immediately resolved, giving you more time for reprieve and rest, ease, and relaxation.

  1. ᛏ Tiwaz - "the godTiwaz"

The letter T in English means wisdom, immortality, god of war, and victory.

TIWAZ is the Norse god of war or the god of fair play and rules. Its upward indicator represents determination, courage, perseverance, and manly sexuality.

  1. ᛒ Berkano - "birch"

The letter B stands for New World and Traditional Virtues.

The word Baccano represents the home to which the heart belongs. This Nordic rune stands for new birth, purification, and renewal. Even the beginning of some new ideas and opportunities.

  1. ᛖ Ehwaz - "horse"

The letter E in English means horse or pass. For the Norse, horses were all very valuable.

The symbol represents migration and travel, especially overland journeys. Its simplest meaning is to represent transport or movement. It is associated with movement, transformation, and relocation. It connotes change. In the deepest sense, EHWAZ stands for spiritual progress. This rune also stands for partnership, confidence, loyalty, and progress.

  1. ᛗ Manaaz - "Man"

The letter M means human, self; with the power of practice.

The meaning of this Viking rune letter is said to be uniquely human: intelligence, language, the ability to plan and dominate our environment, and a potentially developed intelligence. Representing the individual human being, it also shows the contradiction between the fact that human beings live together as a family and the fact that we are heading toward death alone.

  1. ᛚ Laguz - "water, lake"

The letter L in English, literally, water or banishment.

It means 'intuitive wisdom', that is when dealing with a problem, one should follow one's intuition closely.

  1. ᛜ ᛝ Ingwaz - "the god Ingwaz"

The letter I in English, means angel. This is one of the most symmetrical letters and can indicate a balanced and proportionate state. In a deeper sense, it represents spiritual ambition and achievement.

  1. ᛟ Othalan - "heritage, estate, possession"

The letter O  means family, and inheritance; a runic alphabet for 'possession'.

It generally denotes something that money can be exchanged for, usually land or a house. In a deeper sense, it represents an accumulation or long-term growth. The positive Othello may also indicate that there are older people who will offer help.

  1. ᛞ Daguz - "heritage, estate, possession"

The letter D in English contains many meanings such as daylight, enlightenment, dawn, infinite cycles, etc. It has no negative meaning, and even if it appears in a formation where negative symbols predominate, it indicates that if one is willing to use the inner strength one possesses, one can turn the situation around and turn it into a victory.


Because of their enigmatic overtones, Viking runes are still very popular today. They are not used for communication. The difference is that people are very happy to use them as ornaments, for example in the form of Viking runes tattoos, and they also like to wear rings or pendants with Viking runes. We’d like to show you more runes jewelry if you click Viking collection.

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