What is the valknut and what does it mean?

A symbol is an image or object that represents an abstract concept, usually associated with religious beliefs. All civilization from the earliest times to the present day have used symbols to make the abstract visible and to convince themselves that a higher power is interested in and compassionate towards the struggles of humanity.

The symbols of Norse mythology refer not only to supernatural beings, but also to the challenges of everyday life and the mysteries that await after death. Some of these symbols can be safely attributed to the Viking Age (c. 790 AD - c. 1100 AD), but they were undoubtedly in use much earlier. Other symbols seem to have developed after the introduction of Christianity in Scandinavia (around 1100-1300 AD).

There are many powerful symbols of the Viking Culture, one of which is the Valknut. What is the valknut and what does it mean?

Norse runes belonging to warriors

Composed of three interlocking triangles, VALKNUT is one of the most sacred symbols in ancient northern Europe. The word VALKNUT is separated. "VALR" represents the slain warrior, while "KNUT" is interpreted as "knot", and VALKNUT represents It is the heart of a warrior, and it also symbolizes the courage of the Vikings to fight. VALKNUT is a symbol of Viking warriors. Many tattooists choose to tattoo this pattern on their bodies, hoping to gain the power of Odin, the father of the gods, to help them face the challenges of life; it is said that Vikings People worship Odin very much. They like adventure, they are not afraid of death, and they are brave to fight for what they want. They can be said to be a real fighting nation.

The "Cult of Death" of the Warring Peoples

The origins of VALKNUT can be traced back to the stories recorded in The Lärbro Stone found in Sweden. In the painting, Odin appears next to the tomb in the form of a crow, so scholars also associate this symbol with Odin and death. In addition to their worship of Odin, the reason why the Vikings were not afraid of death was because they believed that death was not the end of life, and that the real brave could go to the "Warrior's Palace" VALHALLA to meet Odin after death, so the warriors were VALHALLA is a place full of longing and has become a utopia for the brave.

The Magical Power of the "Triangle" Symbol

The so-called symbol is actually an interpretation of a simple image from an unusual perspective. In this seemingly ordinary triangle, the secret of "3" is actually hidden. The symbol VALKNUT is not only closely related to Odin, the god of death, but also implies a sign of life. Some scholars believe that the three triangular vertices of VALKNUT represent "the beginning of life", "the future of life" and "the end of life". However, with the change of time and cultural environment, the meaning of "3" began to have more interpretations, including the three laws of the universe's operation "creation, preservation, circulation", the place where human beings exist "heaven, earth, hell", The important concepts of Christianity "Father, Son, Holy Spirit", the basic elements of life "air, water, fire", the dimension of time "past, present, future", and the part of personal practice "body, mind, spirit" and so on.

The Heart of Hrunger

This Norse symbol was first discovered on a stone inscription in Old Norse known as Valknut, also known as "Heart of Hrungnir, in honor of Hrungnir, the great man in the Ada, best known by the name Valknut or Killing Knot." It has been found on several stone carvings with funeral motifs and is considered a symbol of the afterlife. Valknut's three-link shape and nine dots are sometimes used to represent the cycles of rebirth, pregnancy, and regeneration. Their interwoven shapes also suggest the interconnectedness of the three realms - earth, hell and heaven, and they include the nine realms.

The Valknut symbol is the choice of many tattoo enthusiasts. Some may say that it is not good to have valknut as a tattoo because it is associated with death. However, everyone has a different interpretation of the valknut symbol, and if its meaning fits your idea and itself, then why not get it tattooed on your body and show how you see the symbol, or even the world.

Vlaknut Tatoo


In general, any symbol like the Valknut has great meaning and imparts emotion. Their meanings evolved to represent the paranormal phenomena of today. Although there is a lot of ambiguity about the meaning of Valknut and its origin. But one thing that is agreed upon is that it is primarily associated with death and the transition from life to death. Today, this symbol is widely used in Viking jewelry and is worn as a simple but meaningful symbol.

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