Best Mens Streetwear Jewelry

What is streetwear?

When it comes to street accessories, we must first talk about street culture. Street culture was born and popular among young people. Therefore, street elements are not only used in clothing, but also in various accessories. For example, streetwear rings are one of the favorite accessories of young people.

Streetwear is a casual clothing style that went global in the 1990s. It evolved from the hip hop fashion of New York and the surf culture of California and incorporated elements of sportswear, punk, skateboarding and Japanese street fashion.Why is streetwear jewelry so popular?

It's like any other hobby, it's more like a passion. It's a form of expression. Many people want to have their own identity, so being able to distinguish themselves from others is something that street clothing and jewelry can do.

On the other hand, for those who pursue fast fashion, stainless steel rings are the best choice. Its price is very cheap compared to silver rings, and easy to maintain, not easy to damage.

Main popular styles of Streetwear Jewelry


When it comes to men's streetwear rings, there is a design that has existed for some time. We are talking about skull rings. Skulls represent death, and more should be fear, but most people yearn for it. That's because it is more representative of the struggle against fate and the unyielding of darkness.

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After the 1960s and 1970s, shortly after the end of the World War, the world was still shrouded in the cold war cloud of confrontation between East and West and the struggle for hegemony between the United States and the Soviet Union. All regions of the world are still in a state of separation of ideological opposition. This historical atmosphere gave birth to the ancestors of street culture-hippies. A group of hippies are standing in front of the world with a cynical attitude. The hippies are dressed in military uniforms and have their heads scattered in the streets and alleys of the United States, aimlessly embarking on their journey of life exploration. American historians call it the "Beat Generation," but it is actually the silent protests of young Americans against the war and the Cold War, and the silent eruption in front of the state apparatus, in an extreme way against the ideas of mainstream society. This coincides with the meaning of the skull jewelry.

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Gothic jewelry revolves around so-called white metals, especially silver, platinum and steel. White hues are popular because they contrast sharply with dark clothing and help emphasize the gloom and heaviness of the gems.

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Although the Gothic style appeared in the Middle Ages, the main feature of its modern reincarnation was established in the 1970s. At that time, punk music gained great popularity with its rebellious concept and the slogan "live fast and die young". However, the rise is followed by a sharp decline, and decisive action gives way to decadent emotions. The riot was replaced with depressive decadence. Hip-hop singers and rappers are very willing to wear Gothic-style jewelry to show their personality. Gradually, it becomes one of the best streetwear jewelry.

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If you want to use jewelry to declare yourself and express your personality, in addition to the cocktail ring with a large main stone, the cool and stylish animal head is also an indispensable fashion element on the street.

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In addition to these common elements, there are many classic jewelry. All street items are designed to show individuality to the outside world. As Gthic insists on, to support your self-expression by offering unique jewelry that tells a story about who you are. As long as you like it, it is the best street jewelry.

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