Spirit Animal Jewelry – Lion, Tiger, Dragon

Animal elements are more and more used in jewelry design now. You can find animal rings, animal necklaces, animal earrings and bracelets at jewelry stores. Most people would like to choose the animal they feel the most connected to, which is called their spirit animal. Various animals symbolize differently. Today we will talk about three spirit animal images symbolize strength. If you are fond of these powerful animal jewelry, then you’ve come the right place!


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The first powerful spirit animal is Lion. The lion is the embodiment of wisdom and power and it has the meaning of auspiciousness, prosperity, and endless life, symbolizing status, dignity, and peace. The image of the lion also often appears in Buddhist classics and Buddhist statues. The wisdom Buddha Manjushri used the lion as a mount, thus adding auspicious meaning to the lion. The lion occupied the supreme position among the beasts, and the lion statue also became a symbol of authority.

This ring is made of stainless steel with two colors to choose from, silver and gold. A strong lion head is engraved on the ring. Simple and exquisite design always give people a fresh feel. If you have got a love of lion, then this stainless steel lion ring is definitely what you need to have to create a masculine look.

This is a sterling silver ring with the lion's head engraved on it, and the detailing makes it very vivid. As the king of the the prairies, the lion is the most ferocious and strongest animal from the prairies.

This pure tin necklace is an image of a roaring lion with a crown, symbolizing its unshakable status as the lion king, which is really a symbol of power and strong.

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The second spirit animal is tiger. Tiger has the reputation of "king of beasts" and is the king of forests. The lion is the embodiment of brave and fearless and it has the meaning of majesty and power. People of different years have different zodiac signs, which is called  Chinese zodiac signs. The tiger is also one of the zodiac signs. In Chinese legend, the tiger is an extremely powerful and righteous animal, capable of warding off three major disasters in the family: fire, theft and evil. people like to wear tiger rings to pray for peace and drive away bad luck.

This tiger king pendant is an image of a roaring tiger and it is handmade carved beautifully and vividly. It is a combination of three materials. The eyes are made of brass, the tiger tongue is made of red copper, and the other parts are sliver. This tiger king pendant is especially suitable for tough guys, wearing it to show your masculinity!

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The last one spirit animal is dragon. The dragon is also one of the zodiac signs. In Chinese traditional culture, the dragon is not only a symbol of power, nobility and honor, but also a symbol of luck and success. Dragon is so mysterious. Each part of the dragon has a specific meaning. The raised forehead indicates intelligence and wisdom. Antlers represent the country and longevity. Bull's ear means ranking first. Tiger eyes show dignity. Talons symbolize brave. Sword eyebrows symbolize valor. Lion nose complex symbolizes precious. Goldfish tail symbolizes flexibility. Horse teeth symbolize diligence and kindness.

This Ouroboros necklace looks like a dragon is swallowing its own tail, which is mysterious and magical. Ouroboros is a symbol that has been handed down since ancient times. The image is that a snake (or dragon) is swallowing its tail. As a result, it forms a ring. Its name means "self devourer". The phenomenon that represents the cycle of nature.

This magic dragon head pendant is made of stainless steel. Dragons are powerful creatures in various legends, and they have great power and magical abilities that humans desire.

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Final words

Let pick out spirit animal jewelry properly. Whether it's lion, tiger or dragon or other animal images, it will be a perfect piece of accessory in your daily ensemble. Toady’s sharing is here. Thank you for reading. If you want to read more articles about animal jewelry, read here. Or you can just read our previous posts here.


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